Library plays an important role in any educational and research institute and serves as a place where one gets first hand knowledge from the experience of others. A well equipped Library has been established with excellent stock of books, periodicals, journals reference material on various subjects for the promotion of academic culture where students are engaged in developing reading habit of such material as may be relevant to their studies and personality grooming.




 The facility provides the students and the faculty access to Internet and other Computer related data. We seek great support from computer lab. in providing the students reading material, question papers and other academic activities.




 Note Books, Pencils and all kind of stationary items are available along with a variety of eatables at quite reasonable charges.




 The College has its own transport. The students of the college residing in Islamabad can avail this facility at reasonable rates.




 The College Magazine is an expression of the students’ creative potential. The College encourages the students to think independently and with their teacher’s guidance and may contribute to the Magazine.




 In order to provide a healthy environment and give them a change to relax, The College offers a number of sports competitions and picnic trips round the year.

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