21-731x1024Dear Students!I wish to thank you for interest and choice of our institute. The Islamabad Law College is not a formal system of education but also a complete concept of human service and growth. It is founded on the vision of intellectual philosophers and educationists; who govern the institute.
The Islamabad Law College has proved through continuous improvement in inter-organizational relations with different educational societies/bodies, institutions and organizations for provision of quality education and learning environment.
Life is as we perceive, struggle and belief. The Islamabad Law College is striving to facilitate individual potentials to human excellence since a decade. It provides quality education with competitive fee structure in the Capital of Pakistan.

May Allah consecrate you and excel your life through education.

Muhammad Atiq-ur-Rehman Advocate High Court

Principal  Islamabad Law College



  1. Tariq Bilal says:

    Atiq, please email me when you see this message.

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